Self-sensing self-actuating Akiyama-Probe screencast has 2000 views

The screencast on the self-sensing self-actuating Akiyama Probe (A-Probe) held  by Dr. Terunobu Akiyama on Youtube  has just passed the 2000 views mark. Congratulations Akiyama-san!

More videos on the Akiyama-probe are available here:

Akiyama-probe Stroboscopic/vibrometer FEM motion videos

Akiyama-probe Japanese screencast – NANOSENSORS

Akiyama-probe Chinese screencast –

视频介绍 – Akiyama原子力显微镜探针

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Please stay tuned. We will update the Akiyama-probe website  soon.

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探針がカンチレバー先端より突出し、直上から探針先端を観察可能。NANOSENSORS アドバンスドテック AdvancedTEC™ (ATEC) プローブ



Screencasts on the NANOSENSORS AdvancedTEC  tip view AFM probes are also available in English:



Calibration Service for AFM Cantilevers

The NANOSENSORS screencast on the calibration service for AFM cantilevers has just reached the 500 views mark

Accurately determined cantilever properties are very important for quantitative force measurements. Force constant and resonance frequency are determined either by thermal tune, the Sader- or the dimensional method, respectively. Usually, the thermal tune method delivers the most precise values, but suffers from the fact that the AFM tip has to get in contact with the surface to calibrate the photo-detector sensitivity. This procedure may damage or break the tip!

NANOSENSORS™ offers a thermal tune calibration procedure performed by Laser vibrometry. This method is contact free and therefore does no damage the tip, but preserves the original AFM tip quality. To ensure the highest level of accuracy NANOSENSORS™ cantilever calibration method is calibrated with a standard, certified by the national German metrology institute.

This service is part of our Special Development List.
Please have a look at or contact us at for further information.