New Self-sensing Self-actuating Akiyama-probe Website Uploaded

NANOSENSORS self-sensing and self-actuating Akiyama-probe AFM probe
NANOSENSORS self-sensing and self-actuating Akiyama-probe

We have uploaded an updated version of the NANOSENSORS Akiyama-probe webpage. On the new website you will find information not only about how this self-sensing and self-actuating probe for Atomic Force Microscopy works but also about the required set-up and electrical configuration and a lot more.

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NANOSENSORS introduces MSS-8RM – a readout module for membrane-type surface stress sensors (MSS)

The NANOSENSORS Membrane-type Surface-stress Sensor (MSS) is a device to detect specific components in gaseous phase with high sensitivity using a piezoresisitive nanomechanical sensor. This device shows great potential as a core component for electronic-nose (olfactory) systems utilized in e.g., medical, food, environment, safety and security fields.
Now NANOSENSORS™ introduces the MSS 8 Channel Readout Module (MSS-8RM), a basic electronic module to operate and to readout NANOSENSORS™ MSS, up to 8 sensors simultaneously, under a hardware configuration for electronic-nose sensing. MSS-8RM contains two air pumps and users can examine “self-prepared” MSS (compatible: SD-MSS-1K and SD-MSS-1K2G) under different gas flow conditions.

NANOSENSORS MSS-8RM - 8 Channel Readout Module for MSS Membrane-type Surface-stress Sensor
NANOSENSORS MSS-8RM – 8 Channel Readout Module for MSS

MSS-8RM is designed as simply as possible so that users can learn about a basic electronic-nose system and further improve the system performance. MSS-8RM does not include any data processing functions to distinguish one sample from the other. Users will obtain raw numerical data of the sensor responses under different conditions as final output.

inside NANOSENSORS MSS-8RM - sensor board for maximum 8 Membrane-type Surface Stress Sensor (MSS)
inside NANOSENSORS MSS-8RM – sensor board

NANOSENSORS™ has added MSS-8RM – MSS 8 Channel Readout Module (order code: SD-MSS-8RM ) – to its Special Development list (
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Calibration Service for AFM Cantilevers

The NANOSENSORS screencast on the calibration service for AFM cantilevers has just reached the 500 views mark

Accurately determined cantilever properties are very important for quantitative force measurements. Force constant and resonance frequency are determined either by thermal tune, the Sader- or the dimensional method, respectively. Usually, the thermal tune method delivers the most precise values, but suffers from the fact that the AFM tip has to get in contact with the surface to calibrate the photo-detector sensitivity. This procedure may damage or break the tip!

NANOSENSORS™ offers a thermal tune calibration procedure performed by Laser vibrometry. This method is contact free and therefore does no damage the tip, but preserves the original AFM tip quality. To ensure the highest level of accuracy NANOSENSORS™ cantilever calibration method is calibrated with a standard, certified by the national German metrology institute.

This service is part of our Special Development List.
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