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Soft, drift-reduced AFM cantilevers for Biology and Life Sciences – Uniqprobe Screencast passes the 1000 views mark

The screencast on the soft, drift-reduced NANOSENSORS™ uniqprobe cantilevers for biology and life science applications held by Dr. Laure Aeschimann has just passed the 1000 views mark. Congratulations Laure!

Since the first publication of this screencast that presents the uniqprobe types qp-BioAC, qp-BioT, qp-SCONT and qp-CONT , three further types of uniqprobe AFM probes have been introduced:

qp-BioAC-CI – a version of uniqprobe™ BioAC with Rounded Tips for Cell Imaging

qp-fast – three different uniqprobe™ cantilevers on one support chip for Soft- , Standard- , Fast Tapping/Dynamic AFM Imaging

and qp-HBC – the uniqprobe™ – HeartBeatCantilever that can also be used for ScanAsyst** and Peak Force Tapping** in Air.

To find out more please have a look at the NANOSENSORS™ uniqprobe brochure or the individual product pages on the NANOSENSORS webpage.

Additionally we have also put tipless versions of the qp-SCONT, qp-CONT and the qp-BioT ( SD-qp-BioT-TL, SD-qp-CONT-TL, SD-qp-SCONT-TL) and uniqprobe tipless cantilever arrays ( SD-qp-TL8a and SD-qp-TL8b ) on the NANOSENSORS special developments list.

Feel free to browse or let us know if you have any questions via info(at)

Product Screencast on the NANOSENSORS™ uniqprobe AFM Probes series with unsurpassed small variation in spring constant and resonance frequency by product developer Dr. Laure Aeschimann

A Japaneseversion of the screencast is also available :

バイオテクノロジー/ライフサイエンス向け NANOSENSORS ユニーク·プローブ Uniqprobe

A Chinese version of the Uniqprobe screencast is available on three different channels:

NANOSENSORS公司的吴烨娴博士在本视频中介绍了Uniqprobe原子力显微镜探针。Uniqprobe 探针 的悬臂梁厚度均一,并且有局部的金反射涂层。这两个特点使得这个探针在一些对弹性系数有精确要求的应用中, 表现出卓越的机械性能一致性 。该探针特别适用于分子生物学,生物物理学和定量纳米机械的研究.

The Chinese version is also available on Youku:
or weibo

** ScanAsyst® and PeakForce Tapping™ are trademarks of Bruker Corp.