Find out more about NANOSENSORS AFM probes at MRS Fall 2021 this week

Our distributor NanoAndMore USA has a booth @Materials_MRS MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit 2021 in Boston this week. Visit them at booth no. 609 and find out more about NANOSENSORS AFM probes.

NanoAndMore USA booth no 609 at MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit 2021 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston
NanoAndMore USA booth no. 609 at MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit 2021 is ready for your visit

Supercritical carbon dioxide decellularization … !!!

Biocompatible scaffolds that can be repopulated with human cells have many uses such serving as replacement organs and tissues. Therefore there is an increasing interest in plant-based biomaterials for tissue engineering.* As the above mentioned scaffolds should mimic the in vivo tissue environment closely they need to provide a fitting structural and biomechanical support to the cells while at the same time promoting cell behaviour and tissue development. * Currently the standard method to prepare plant tissue to serve as a biocompatible scaffold is to decellularize it with serial chemical treatment.*