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Video on NANOSENSORS™ Membrane-type Surface-stress Sensors (MSS) for olfactory sensing passes 2000 views mark

The video on NANOSENSORS™ Membrane-type Surface-stress Sensors (MSS) for olfactory sensing has passed the 2000 views mark. Thank you all for watching.

Video: What are NANOSENSORS Membrane-type Surface-stress Sensors (MSS) for R&D in gas/odor sensing?

The NANOSENSORS™ Membrane-type Surface-stress Sensor – MSS is a non-packaged MEMS sensor, a silicon membrane platform supported with four beams on which piezoresistors are embedded. It is mainly dedicated to R&D in the areas of olfactory sensing and electronic noses but some types can also be used for static/pulsed-field torque magnetometry and force sensing.

The MSS offered by NANOSENSORS via the Special Developments List are raw sensor platforms intended to provide researchers with a platform for their research so that they don’t have to start their setup from scratch. The MSS sensors will still need to be coated with detection layers developed and applied by the individual researchers in order to become functional sensors.

There are currently two major applications for this type of sensor:

  •  the MSS has a great potential as a core component for electronic (artificial) nose systems / olfactory sensing systems utilized in e.g. food, environment, safety and security and medical ( e.g. human breath analysis ) fields.
     NANOSENSORS offers two types of MSS sensors for this application.: SD-MSS-1K2G and SD-MSS-1K2GP.
    The recently introduced SD-MSS-1K2GP can also be employed for “liquid” or “wet” applications thereby extending the potential use of MSS sensors to R&D in the sensing of taste, detections of chemical reactions in solutions, etc.

  •  the MSS can also be used for assessment of various materials like organic conductors, magnetic and superconductor materials in torque magnetometry.
    NANOSENSORS currently offers three MSS sensors which can be used for this type of application: SD-MSS-1KTM, SD-MSS-1KPMAl and SD-MSS-1KPMAu.

To find out more please have a look at the video, the NANOSENSORS™ MSS webpage or the NANOSENSORS™Special Developments List.

On these pages you will not only get more information on which types of MSS Sensors are currently available but you will also find further information on the NANOSENSORS™ MSS 8 Channel Readout Module ( MSS-8RM ). The MSS-8RM is a basic electronic module to operate and to readout NANOSENSORS™ MSS that can be integrated in the researchers own set-up.