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Spike up a Silicon Nitride AFM tip for high topography biology and life science imaging

Standard SiN AFM probes may have a lot of advantages for using them in your liquid cell measurements. But they also have their limits when it comes to high topographies on cells or other bio samples due to their relatively wide opening angle and the small 3µm tip height.

By teaming up with nanotools in Germany NANOSENSORS is able to offer you a “spiked-up” AFM tip – a silicon nitride probe with a long (10 µm) spike made of high density carbon grown on top of it – called Biotool XXL.

Customized versions such as other tip lengths or other cantilevers are also possible.

For more information please have a look at the NANOSENSORS special developments list or contact us at info@nanosensors.com

Biotool XXL AFM tip for high topography AFM imaging in biology

Rounded AFM Tips for Nanomechanics and Force Spectroscopy – Special Development List updated

rounded AFM tip for nanomechanics
SD-R30 rounded AFM tip for nanomechanics

NANOSENSORS has added a new type of rounded AFM tips to the Special Development List.
The new rounded AFM tips SD-R30 have a typical tip radius of 30 nm and are available in combination with three different cantilever types. (NCH – standard tapping mode cantilever, FM – force modulation mode cantilever and CONT – contact mode cantilever).
Similar to the already established rounded tips of the SD-R150 type the SD-R30 tips are especially tailored for applications such as nanomechanics, examination of local mechanical properties and force spectroscopy.

The rounding of the SD-R30 improves the tip rigidity dramatically and allows reliable and stable measurements on hard surfaces over a long period of time.

To find out more please have a look at our Special Development List or contact us at info@nanosensors.com.

Tipless cantilever arrays – Special Development List updated

NANOSENSORS Special Development List has been updated with completely new items: Tipless cantilevers arrays (qp-TL8) based on uniqprobe – uniform quality probe – technology. Similar to the uniqprobe cantilevers (i.e. qp-CONT), the cantilevers of these new arrays show an outstanding uniformity of their thicknesses leading to a strongly reduced dispersion of force constants and resonance frequenices compared with standard silicon cantilever arrays.


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