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Tipless cantilever arrays – Special Development List updated

NANOSENSORS Special Development List has been updated with completely new items: Tipless cantilevers arrays (qp-TL8) based on uniqprobe – uniform quality probe – technology. Similar to the uniqprobe cantilevers (i.e. qp-CONT), the cantilevers of these new arrays show an outstanding uniformity of their thicknesses leading to a strongly reduced dispersion of force constants and resonance frequenices compared with standard silicon cantilever arrays.


These tipless cantilever arrays can be used as biosensors or chemical sensors in air and in liquid and they are also ideal for other applications such as stress sensing or nanomechanical mass measurements.

The qp-TL8 arrays feature 8 cantilevers with a pitch of 250um. The cantilever length is 500um, the width is 100um and there are 2 different thicknesses availabe: 1.2um and 0.7um. The qp-TL8a version has a typical force constant of 0.02 N/m and the qp-TL8b version is even softer with a force constant of 0.004 N/m.

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