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Rounded AFM Tips for Nanomechanics and Force Spectroscopy – Special Development List updated

rounded AFM tip for nanomechanics

SD-R30 rounded AFM tip for nanomechanics

NANOSENSORS has added a new type of rounded AFM tips to the Special Development List.
The new rounded AFM tips SD-R30 have a typical tip radius of 30 nm and are available in combination with three different cantilever types. (NCH – standard tapping mode cantilever, FM – force modulation mode cantilever and CONT – contact mode cantilever).
Similar to the already established rounded tips of the SD-R150 type the SD-R30 tips are especially tailored for applications such as nanomechanics, examination of local mechanical properties and force spectroscopy.

The rounding of the SD-R30 improves the tip rigidity dramatically and allows reliable and stable measurements on hard surfaces over a long period of time.

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