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NANOSENSORS™ – the Special Development List

NANOSENSORS™ not only uses its know-how to manufacture its well-known standard products. We at NANOSENSORS™ are doing research on many possible future AFM applications and are developing tip versions and other extraordinary specialities that are not commercialized as standard products but are available on demand. Sometimes ago we decided to put all our new and innovative developments together and we created the so called NANOSENSORS™ Special Development List. This video shows  where you can find the list and describes briefly what we have added there.

Do you need something very specific that is not available in the standard scope of products? Then feel free to browse through the examples of our developments that we have made over the years to get an idea what is possible and feel free to contact us if there is something among them that interests you.

Examples of our Special Developments are:
•    Cantilevers with a range of force constants from 0.02 to 2000 N/m
•    Cantilevers with frequencies up to 25 MHz
•    A broad variety of cantilever coatings
•    Tip modifications like high dense carbon etra tips, rounded or plateau tips
•    Probes for High Speed Scanning
•    Electrochemical probes
•    Bimodal probes
•    Nanoink compatible tip arrays
•    Calibration cantilevers
•    A cantilever calibration service

If you still were not able to find the tips for your specific application, please write us an email to