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Talk on “Piezoresistive Membrane-type Surface-stress Sensor and Signal Readout Module to Support Research on Odor/Gas Sensing”

Will you be in Fukuoka/Japan at the ISOEN 2019, the 18th International Symposium on Olfaction and Electronic nose that is being held from May 26-29th 2019?

Then don’t miss out on the talk on Tuesday the 28th of May on “Piezoresistive Membrane-type Surface-stress Sensor and Signal Readout Module to Support Research on Odor/Gas Sensing” by Dr. Terunobu Akiyama (NanoWorld AG) and Dr. Genki Yoshikawa (National Institute for Materials Science & University of Tsukuba, Japan). It will take place during the following session:

11:00 – 12:00
SenDev-1 Oral Session: Sensors
Chair: Corrado diNatale (Roma Tor Vergata University, Italy)
Int’l Conf. Hall (4F)

We hope to meet you there.

NANOSENSORS Membrane-type Surface-stress Sensor (MSS) for R&D in gas/odor sensing – SD-MSS-1K2G

NANOSENSORS introduces MSS-8RM – a readout module for membrane-type surface stress sensors (MSS)

The NANOSENSORS Membrane-type Surface-stress Sensor (MSS) is a device to detect specific components in gaseous phase with high sensitivity using a piezoresisitive nanomechanical sensor. This device shows great potential as a core component for electronic-nose (olfactory) systems utilized in e.g., medical, food, environment, safety and security fields.
Now NANOSENSORS™ introduces the MSS 8 Channel Readout Module (MSS-8RM), a basic electronic module to operate and to readout NANOSENSORS™ MSS, up to 8 sensors simultaneously, under a hardware configuration for electronic-nose sensing. MSS-8RM contains two air pumps and users can examine “self-prepared” MSS (compatible: SD-MSS-1K and SD-MSS-1K2G) under different gas flow conditions.

NANOSENSORS MSS-8RM - 8 Channel Readout Module for MSS Membrane-type Surface-stress Sensor
NANOSENSORS MSS-8RM – 8 Channel Readout Module for MSS

MSS-8RM is designed as simply as possible so that users can learn about a basic electronic-nose system and further improve the system performance. MSS-8RM does not include any data processing functions to distinguish one sample from the other. Users will obtain raw numerical data of the sensor responses under different conditions as final output.

inside NANOSENSORS MSS-8RM - sensor board for maximum 8 Membrane-type Surface Stress Sensor (MSS)
inside NANOSENSORS MSS-8RM – sensor board

NANOSENSORS™ has added MSS-8RM – MSS 8 Channel Readout Module (order code: SD-MSS-8RM ) – to its Special Development list (http://www.nanosensors.com/pdf/SpecialDevelopmentsList.pdf).
For further technical information, price or delivery times please contact us at info@nanosensors.com

人工嗅覚(におい)センサーの研究開発向けに新しいタイプの「ピエゾ抵抗つきナノメカニカルセンサー」をSpecial Development list(特別開発品リスト)に追加し販売開始

Membrane-type Surface Stress Sensor (MSS) / 膜型表面応力センサーは「ピエゾ抵抗つきナノメカニカルセンサー」構造を利用して気相中の様々な微量成分を高感度に検知し電気信号へと変換するためのデバイスです。医療・食品・環境・安全など様々な分野への応用が期待されている人工嗅覚(におい)センサー/システムのコアコンポーネントとして威力を発揮します。
NANOSENSORS™はMSS技術に基づいた「ピエゾ抵抗つきナノメカニカルセンサー・SD-MSS-1K」をSpecial Development list(特別開発品リスト・http://www.nanosensors.com/pdf/SpecialDevelopmentsList.pdf)に追加しました。「SD-MSS-1K」はユーザーが独自の感応膜をコーティングして特定アプリケーション向けのセンサーを開発することを想定し、ベアチップ「感応膜なし」の状態で販売されます。「SD-MSS-1K」は人工嗅覚システムへ向けての研究開発に新たな可能性をもたらします。

Single SD-MSS-1K chip
Single SD-MSS-1K chip


Multiple SD MSS-1K chips
Multiple SD MSS-1K chips

The working principle of SD-MSS-1K
The working principle of SD-MSS-1K