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New Self-sensing Self-actuating Akiyama-probe Website Uploaded

NANOSENSORS self-sensing and self-actuating Akiyama-probe AFM probe
NANOSENSORS self-sensing and self-actuating Akiyama-probe

We have uploaded an updated version of the NANOSENSORS Akiyama-probe webpage. On the new website you will find information not only about how this self-sensing and self-actuating probe for Atomic Force Microscopy works but also about the required set-up and electrical configuration and a lot more.

Please have a look at: www.akiyamaprobe.com

Self-sensing self-actuating Akiyama-Probe screencast has 2000 views

The screencast on the self-sensing self-actuating Akiyama Probe (A-Probe) held  by Dr. Terunobu Akiyama on Youtube https://youtu.be/-mrs_-soChY  has just passed the 2000 views mark. Congratulations Akiyama-san!

More videos on the Akiyama-probe are available here:

Akiyama-probe Stroboscopic/vibrometer FEM motion videos https://youtu.be/BnPtEsccCDU

Akiyama-probe Japanese screencast – NANOSENSORS


Akiyama-probe Chinese screencast –

视频介绍 – Akiyama原子力显微镜探针

on Youku:


and Youtube: https://youtu.be/WLKDp3pOGG4

Please stay tuned. We will update the Akiyama-probe website www.akiyamaprobe.com  soon.

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