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AFM probes for Magnetic Force Microscopy Screencast passed 1000 views mark

NANOSENSORS offers six different types of AFM probes for Magnetic Force Microscopy ( MFM)  for scanning and studying sample surfaces with magnetic features:


The screencast introducing the different properties of these AFM probes and their applications held by our Head of R&D Thomas Sulzbach has just passed the 1000 views mark. Congratulations Thomas!

NANOSENSORS Q30K-Plus – Silicon AFM probes for UHV applications

Did you already know that NANOSENSORS offers four different kinds of AFM probes especially designed for use in UHV applications?

For high sensitivity and a good signal to noise ratio these probes are featuring a Q-factor of over 30,000 (up to 50,000) under UHV conditions and a high reflectivity (even at wavelength of over 800nm).

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