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World Science Day

Single pass Kelvin Force Microscopy

Sergei Magonov from NT-MDT captured this extremly impressing single pass Kelvin Force Micoscopy image of self-assemblies of semifluorinated alkanes (F12H12)


Single-pass Kelvin Force Microscopy (KFM-PM) scan of self-assemblies of semifluorinated alkanes (F12H12) on HOPG. Height, capacitance gradients dC/dZ and dC/dV and surface potential. Images courtesy by Sergei Magonov, obtained with a NT-MDT Titanium scanning probe microscope and a NANOSENSORS PtSi-FM probe.

Sergei made this beautiful scan on NT-MDTs flagship the Titanium AFM using NANOSENSORS Platinum Silicide FM tips.

Thank you Sergei for sharing your images with us