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High quality AFM tips for the use in ScanAsyst® mode: NANOSENSORS™ uniqprobe® BioT


In this application image we used the small cantilever of the NANOSENSORS™ uniqprobe® BioT to scan in ScanAsyst® mode in air. We imaged crystallites with nanometer-sized edge features with a scan size of 1 µm and a speed of 2 µm/s. Even in a that large, micrometer size image of a surface with a distinct topography, feature sizes of 5 nm and below are clearly visible. ScanAsyst® is a registered trademark of Bruker Corp.


视频介绍 – SuperSharpSilicon原子力显微镜探针 – NANOSENSORS™

The NANOSENSORS screencast on SuperSharp Silicon AFM tips for high resolution imaging is now available in Chinese on youtube  and youku http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XOTIzNjg0NDQ0.html .

NANOSENSORS公司的吴烨娴博士在本视频中介绍了SuperSharpSilicon原子力显微镜探针。SSS超尖硅针尖是为超高精度的原子力显微 镜成像设计的。它适用于超精细结构,如小于10nm特征粗糙度表面的测量。该探针基于NANOSENSORS的标准AFM探针 PointProbePlus系统。在一个特殊的尖端锐化过程后,针尖半径由7nm减小为2nm。 其针尖的半锥角小于12°, 最末端的150至200纳米针尖的长径比优于4比1。

这种探针非常适合测量小于100nm特征尺度的沟道或微小孔隙 。NANOSENSORS 的SuperSharpSilicon探针可集成在不同的悬臂类型中,以适应不同的测量模式,其中包括非接触模式,声波或轻敲模式,力调制模式等。