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Consistent AFM tip shape leading to reproducible results – NANOSENSORS PointProbe Plus Screencast passes 500 views mark

The screencast held by Head of R&D Thomas Sulzbach  on the  NANOSENSORS PointProbe® Plus Silicon AFM probe series  with a consistent tip shape leading to more reproducible results has just passed the 500 views mark.
Congratulations Thomas!

Screencasts on the PointProbe® Plus are also available in Japanese

and in Chinese:

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NANOSENSORS™ Ultrastiff AFM Probes for Atomic Resolution

Dr. Oliver Krause, product developer at NANOSENSORS™ is talking in this screencast about AFM probes for dynamic AFM with sub-nanometer amplitudes enabling imaging with atomic and sub-nanometer resolution

Dynamic AFM with extremely small oscillation amplitudes of the probing tip enables Atomic Force Microscopy with atomic and even sub-atomic resolution. By adjusting the oscillation amplitude to the regime of short-range forces the impact of long-range forces on the detection mechanism can be suppressed effectively.
For stable operation the bending forces of the cantilever must be able to overcome the attractive tip-sample forces. Dynamic AFM with sub-nanometre amplitudes requires cantilevers with a force constant larger than 300N/m. The force constants of typical AFM probes for intermittent contact (Tapping Mode) are in the order of a few tens of N/m. Therefore, amplitudes of at least a few nanometres are required for stable operation.
Ultrastiff AFM cantilever probes with integrated sharp tips have been fabricated based on the well-established NANOSENSORS™ PointProbePlus® process. Cantilever geometries of 100µm length and 7 or even 10µm thickness have been realized resulting in force constants of 600 and 2000 N/m.

视频介绍 – PointProbePlus原子力显微镜探针 – NANOSENSORS™ –

视频介绍 – PointProbePlus原子力显微镜探针 – NANOSENSORS™ –

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NANOSENSORS的Pointprobes是第一个商业化量产的硅原子力显微镜探针。从1991年进入市场开始,他们就成为了这一领域的标杆。 PointProbePlus探针在非接触模式和轻敲模式的应用中取得了巨大的成功,并且在此基础上发展出一系列更高端的AFM探针。 PointprobePlus是Pointprobe的增强版,它有着更为一致的针尖形状从而保证了更为可靠的成像结果。 而且针尖的尖端性能进一步提升,其半锥角达到了10度,而尖端半径小于7nm。

基于PointProbePlus针尖,我们提供一些特别定制的AFM探针 。


High Aspect Ratio tips 高长径比探针是在PointProbePlus的基础上,通过聚焦离子束研磨,在针尖的尖端1到两微米形成超小的锥角。


金刚石涂层则可以极大地增加探针的耐磨损性,从而 使针尖样品间作用力很高的测量 成为可能。

另外,掺杂的金刚石针尖是导电的,这种探针也适用于导电测量模式,例如 扫描扩展电阻显微镜。