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Spike up a Silicon Nitride AFM tip for high topography biology and life science imaging

Standard SiN AFM probes may have a lot of advantages for using them in your liquid cell measurements. But they also have their limits when it comes to high topographies on cells or other bio samples due to their relatively wide opening angle and the small 3µm tip height.

By teaming up with nanotools in Germany NANOSENSORS is able to offer you a “spiked-up” AFM tip – a silicon nitride probe with a long (10 µm) spike made of high density carbon grown on top of it – called Biotool XXL.

Customized versions such as other tip lengths or other cantilevers are also possible.

For more information please have a look at the NANOSENSORS special developments list or contact us at info@nanosensors.com

Biotool XXL AFM tip for high topography AFM imaging in biology

Visit our distributor NanoAndMore USA at booth no. 469 at Biophys

Learn more about the NANOSENSORS uniqprobes for biology and life science applications at the NanoAndMore booth no. 469 at the Biophysics Meeting in Baltimore this week. #bps15

NANOSENSORS uniqprobe - reduced thermal drift for biology and life-science applications
NANOSENSORS uniqprobe – reduced thermal drift for biology and life-science applications


视频介绍 – Uniqprobe原子力显微镜探针 – NANOSENSORS™

视频介绍 – Uniqprobe原子力显微镜探针 – NANOSENSORS™

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NANOSENSORS公司的吴烨娴博士在本视频中介绍了Uniqprobe原子力显微镜探针。Uniqprobe 探针 的悬臂梁厚度均一,并且有局部的金反射涂层。这两个特点使得这个探针在一些对弹性系数有精确要求的应用中, 表现出卓越的机械性能一致性 。该探针特别适用于分子生物学,生物物理学和定量纳米机械的研究.

Uniqprobe针尖的高度一般为7微米,针尖尖端的曲率半径通常小于10纳米。NANOSENSORS的uniqprobes有几种不同的悬臂类型。 其中接触和软接触型只有一个单独的矩形悬臂。这两种探针的弹性系数很低,可以在空气或液体中, 对软性生物材料进行接触模式测量。BioAC型号的Uniqprobe有着三条尺寸不同的悬臂,分别适用于空气和液体中 动态测量模式的各种应用。BioT型的uniqprobe有两个大小不同的三角形的悬臂,分别用于空气和液体中的测量。这两种悬臂都可用于接触模式和动态 模式的测量。