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High quality AFM tips for the use in ScanAsyst® mode: NANOSENSORS™ uniqprobe® BioT


In this application image we used the small cantilever of the NANOSENSORS™ uniqprobe® BioT to scan in ScanAsyst® mode in air. We imaged crystallites with nanometer-sized edge features with a scan size of 1 µm and a speed of 2 µm/s. Even in a that large, micrometer size image of a surface with a distinct topography, feature sizes of 5 nm and below are clearly visible. ScanAsyst® is a registered trademark of Bruker Corp.


NANOSENSORS™ introduces new uniqprobe series – uniform quality SPM probes

SEM image of an uniqprobe cantilever.
SEM image of an uniqprobe cantilever.

The NANOSENSORS uniqprobe combines the well-known features of the other NANOSENSORS AFM probe series such as high application versatility and compatibility with most commercial SPMs with the additional advantage of a strongly reduced dispersion of force constant and resonance frequency.

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