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Kelvin Force Probe Microscopy

World Science Day

Single pass Kelvin Force Microscopy

Sergei Magonov from NT-MDT captured this extremly impressing single pass Kelvin Force Micoscopy image of self-assemblies of semifluorinated alkanes (F12H12)


Single-pass Kelvin Force Microscopy (KFM-PM) scan of self-assemblies of semifluorinated alkanes (F12H12) on HOPG. Height, capacitance gradients dC/dZ and dC/dV and surface potential. Images courtesy by Sergei Magonov, obtained with a NT-MDT Titanium scanning probe microscope and a NANOSENSORS PtSi-FM probe.

NANOSENSORS™ introduces new Wear Resistant Conductive AFM Probe Series

NANOSENSORS™ announced that the first two types of a new innovative SPM probes series of wear resistant and highly conductive AFM tips will be introduced today.

The new AFM probes feature the best of both worlds of the most commonly used conductive probes for Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM): metal coated probes and probes with conductive diamond coating.