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Single molecule force spectroscopy with NANOSENSORS™ uniqprobe qp-CONT

High resolution imaging of the cytoplasmic side of bacteriorhodospin (BR) (left) and overlay of 6 force-distance curves (right) showing the controlled C-terminal unfolding of a single BR membrane protein from its native environment.

BR image & spectroscopy

The measurements were recorded in buffer solution with a FlexAFM V3 (Nanosurf) using a NANOSENSORS™ uniqprobe qp-CONT cantilever by Dr. Patrick Frederix from Nanosurf AG.

Characterization of Interactions between Heparin/Glycosaminoglycan and Adeno-Associated Virus with NANOSENSORS™ Super Sharp Silicon AFM probes

Divergent effect of glycosaminoglycans on the in vitro aggregation of serum amyloid A ( Characterization of Interactions between eparin/Glycosaminoglycan and Adeno-Associated Virus (

Check out the excellent work by Javier Aguilera and his coauthors. The authors used NANOSENSORS Super Sharp Silicon AFM tips to demonstrate awesome morphological features of AAV-2 and complexes with different heparin oligosaccharides and investigated the effect of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) on the aggregation of serum amyloid A (SAA).

2014-09-18 09_06_46-20140826-142157-Characterization of Interactions between Heparin_Glycosaminoglyc