Product screencast NANOSENSORS™ Diamond Coated PointProbe Plus Silicon AFM Probes

Product Screencast on the NANOSENSORS™ Diamond Coated PointProbe® Plus Silicon AFM Probes by Jörg Diebel.

The Diamond Coated tips (DT) and Conductive Diamond Coated tips (CDT) realized by coating probes with real diamond were developed to meet the demands of a wide field of applications. All these probes are based on the well-known PointProbe® Plus silicon AFM probe.

For Scanning Probe Microscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy tasks that require a hard contact between probe and sample we recommend our Diamond Coated probe (order code: DT). Some applications which can be performed are friction measurements, wear measurements and the measurement of elastic properties. Even on hard materials the structuring on the nanoscale is possible because all probes benefit from the hardness of the hardest material in the world.

The NANOSENSORS™ Conductive Diamond Coated tip probe (order code: CDT) is designed for applications that require a high performance, mechanically stable and excellent electrically conductive tip. Some applications are for example the Tunneling AFM method (Conducting AFM, see below) and the Scanning Capacitance Microscopy (SCM).

The following types of the PointProbe® Plus silicon AFM Probes are available with diamond coating:

Force Modulation Mode Probe
The fairly soft cantilever of the DT-FMR and CDT-FMR probe is tailored for applications that require contact to the surface without  destroying it. The force constant which lies in between the values for Contact and Non-Contact Mode allows Contact Mode measurements with medium forces as well as Non-Contact or Tapping Mode measurements.

Non-Contact / Tapping Mode Probe
For applications that require extremely high forces between tip and sample we recommend the DT-NCHR and CDT-NCHR types. A force constant of 48 N/m (basically up to 130 N/m) allows the indentation even into hard materials like silicon or silicon oxide.

Non-Contact / Tapping Mode Probe – Long Cantilever
The probe types DT-NCLR and CDT-NCLR could also be used for the applications mentioned above. This type is recommended if the feedback loop of the microscope does not accept high frequencies (400 kHz) or if the detection system needs a long cantilever (225 µm).

Contact Mode Probe
The probe types DT-CONTR and CDT-CONTR are designed for Contact Mode applications if low force constants of the cantilever are needed.

Reflex Coating
The detector side of the cantilever is covered by our standard aluminum reflex coating to improve the reflectivity.