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NANOSENSORS™ introduces next generation XY-Alignment AFM probe – easy tip exchange without laser repositioning

NANOSENSORS™ today introduced its new PointProbe® Plus XY-Alignment series.

The invention of the Alignment Chip by NANOSENSORS™ more than 10 years ago marked a big step in the direction of AFM probe design for easy to use AFM systems. It offered the possibility of a fast and easy tip exchange without the necessity to reposition the laser beam after the exchange of a probe.

The alignment chip has three ridges that fit exactly into corresponding grooves on the backside of each of our PointProbe® Plus AFM probes. Due to this alignment mechanism the AFM probe can be exchanged with precise repositioning of the AFM tip within +/- 2 µm. Still users had to accept a compromise because they were limited to a certain cantilever length in some commercially available AFM instruments.

The new generation of patented AFM probes called PointProbe® Plus XY-Alignment series now solves this problem and enables the usage of the Alignment Chip without any compromises in the direction of cantilever length. In conjunction with the Alignment Chip it ensures an identical tip position for all cantilever lengths (125 µm, 225 µm or 450 µm) of the PointProbe® Plus XY-Alignment series and the probes of the PointProbe® Plus series that are compatible with it. The AFM probes of different cantilever lengths tailored for contact mode, non-contact mode and force modulation mode can now be exchanged without readjustment of the laser beam.

Available types:

Typical Values
Force Constant: 42 N/m
Resonance Frequency: 330 kHz
Reflective Coating: Aluminum
Guaranteed Tip Radius: < 10 nm


Typical Values
Force Constant: 0.2 N/m
Resonance Frequency: 13 kHz
Reflective Coating: Aluminum
Guaranteed Tip Radius: < 10 nm


Compatible types with the PointProbe® Plus XY-Alignment Series are all PointProbe® Plus types FM, NCL, SEIH, ZEIR, LFM, EFM and MFMR as well as all their variations as far as tip-shape and coatings are concerned. For a full list of XY-Alignment compatible probes please follow this link.

Please also refer to the product flyer.