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Get your free NANOSENSORS Fun Grating at booth 818 at Biophysical Society Meeting 2020

This year NANOSENSORS™ celebrates its 30th anniversary. We are celebrating this with the whole #AFMcommunity by giving away NANOSENSORS™ Fun Gratings especially created for this occasion @BiophysicalSoc Meeting 2020 in San Diego at NanoAndMore USA booth no. 818 this week.

Pick up your grating, switch on the AFM, start scanning, discover the images that are hidden in the grating and celebrate 30 years of NANOSENSORS high quality AFM probes with us.

NanoAndMore USA CEO Nicholas Schacher has the NANOSENSORS Fun Gratings all ready to be picked up at NanoAndMore USA booth no. 818 at the exhibit of the Biophyiscal Society Meeting 2020