AFM probes for high resolution imaging – NANOSENSORS SuperSharpSilicon™ series video reaches 500 views mark

The NANOSENSORS screencast on SuperSharpSilicon™ AFM probes for high resolution imaging held by Dr. Oliver Krause just passed the 500 views mark. Congratulations Oliver! NANOSENSORS™ SuperSharpSilicon™ High Resolution AFM Probes are designed for measurements with enhanced resolution of nanostructures and microroughnesses. They are realised by a unique AFM tip manufacturing process leading to a further […]

NANOSENSORS AFM probes for Magnetic Force Microscopy

Did you know that NANOSENSORS offers six different types of AFM probes for Magnetic Force Microscopy ( MFM) for scanning and investigating sample surfaces with magnetic features? PPP-MFMR – AFM tip with hard magnetic coating, sensitivity, resolution and coercivity designed for standard magnetic force microscopy applications PPP-LM-MFMR – designed for magnetic force microscopy with reduced […]

On the magnetic nanostructure of a Co–Cu alloy processed by high-pressure torsion

Lately the production of nanocrystalline magnetic materials starting with coarse grained materials (top-down approach) has received increasing interest.* The advantage of the top-down approach compared to the bottom-up approach ( e.g. using melt spinning, stacking of sheets, annealing treatments and other processing steps) is that rare-earth elements and additional processing steps such as stacking of […]