Lateral-(XY)-Calibration Grating available from the NANOSENSORS™ Special Developments List

The grating (2D300) is used for a very precise x-y-calibration of the scanning mechanism. The grating consists of a 2-dimensional lattice of inverted square pyramids with 300nm pitch etched into a silicon chip.


  • 300 nm pitch
  • high accuracy

This grating has been developed in close cooperation with the German national authority of standards: PTB (Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt). Due to this PTB is able to certify this grating in accordance with international guidelines. Please request further assistance from PTB working group 5.23 3D Nanometrologie directly - www.ptb.de.

Only available as long as supply lasts.


Chip size 5 x 7 mm²
Active area 100 x 100 µm²
The active area is located in the center of the chip and is surrounded by the FindMe structure. The lattice of inverted pyramids make up the active area.
Pitch 300 nm
Accuracy of pyramid position 10nm
Accuracy of pitch (10x10 µm² scan) 0.1%
Accuracy of pitch (100x100 µm² scan) ±0.01%
Edge length of square pyramids approx. 50 nm
Sidewall angle (versus wafer surface) 54.7°
Accuracy of sidewall angle 0.5
Depth of pyramids approx. 35 nm
Order CodeQuantityData sheet
2D300 1 enclosed