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After you have located the distributor responsible for your area, please contact him regarding his ordering procedures.


If NANOSENSORS™ is not represented by an distributor in your country, you are invited to place your order directly with us.


At the moment we can only accept mail- or Fax-orders printed on an official ordering document of your organisation. After sending us your order we will send you an order-confirmation within two working days after date of receipt. If you do not receive this confirmation, please contact us again!


Delivery period is five working days after order-confirmation if in stock (that is the case for 95% of all products). If the goods are not available of stock the order confirmation contains an estimated shipping date.


Prices are FCA NANOSENSORS™ warehouse including packing & insurance, but exclusive of any tax and custom duties. For overseas shipments (via Federal Express) a flat-rate of 80.00 US$ for transportation charges is added to the invoice. European shipments (via DPD) are free of charge. If the customer requests shipment by an other carrier than the above, this is only possible if the customer accepts to pay a service fee of 150.00 US$ plus all costs charged to NANOSENSORS™ by this carrier!


Payment net within 30 days of date of invoice. 2% surcharge for payment within 90 days of date of invoice (mandatory for US deliveries). There is another 1% surcharge for every month exceeding 3 month.


Sorry, but we do not accept credit cards until now.




Subject to availability sets of 10 and 20 sensors can be selected according to customer requirement (e.g. with narrow tolerances). For this extra service we have to charge an additional selection fee of 66.oo US$ per set.

Special silicon SFM sensors can be designed and manufactured upon customer´s request. Please contact us for design information, pricing and delivery time.





NANOSENSORS™ grants the guarantees detailed below only for products which are originally produced, assembled and packaged by NANOSENSORS™ or subcontractors authorized by NANOSENSORS™. All guarantees are limited to a 3 year periode after date of purchase! Original products are identified by NANOSENSORS™ authenticity seal which is applied to the GelPack boxes. If your shipment is accompanied by written information and handling instructions, please read them carefully before breaking the seal!


YIELD: NANOSENSORS™ guarantees that a minimum 90% of the sensors in a shipping unit (i.e. packages of good sensors (exception: For SuperSharpSilicon tips we guarantee more than 80% good sensors). Every good sensor meets the following specifications.


MECHANICAL PROPERTIES: For every sensor type we give a specified range for the force constant and the resonance frequency (see: product description of each sensor type). These values are guaranteed for good sensors.


TIP RADIUS: For good sensors we guarantee a tip radius of smaller than 15 nm (uncoated sensors only). For SuperSharpSilicon sensors we guarantee a tip radius of smaller than 5 nm.


ASPECT RATIO: For the High Aspect Ratio tip AR5 we guarantee an aspect ratio of 5:1 for the last 2 µm of the tip.


COATINGS: Although the coatings are almost free of stress it cannot be avoided completely. The bending of the cantilever due to stress resulting from coating materials is less than 2°.





Before returning any goods to NANOSENSORS™ you must have received an approval and a RMA (Return Material Authorisation) number. You will receive detailed instructions on how to return the goods together with the RMA number.





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