Platinum Silicide Probes Contact Mode

NANOSENSORS™ PtSi-CONT are designed for contact mode (repulsive mode) AFM imaging. Furthermore this probe can be used for force-distance spectroscopy or pulsed force mode (PFM). The CONT type is optimized for high sensitivity due a low force constant.

For applications that require a wear resistant and electrically conductive tip we recommend this type. NANOSENSORS PtSi-CONT are suitable for C-AFM, Tunneling AFM (TUNA) and Scanning Capacitance Microscopy (SCM).

The probe offers unique features:

  • platinum silicide coating with excellent conductivity and good wear-out behaviour
  • chemically inert
  • high mechanical Q-factor for high sensitivity
  • alignement grooves on backside of the holder chip
  • compatible with PointProbe® Plus XY-Alignment Series
Cantilever data:
Property Nominal Value Specified Range
Resonance Frequency / kHz 13 6 - 21
Force Constant /(N/m) 0.2 0.02 - 0.77
Length /µm 450 440 - 460
Mean Width /µm 50 42.5 - 57.5
Thickness /µm 2 1 - 3
Order codes and shipping units:
Order Code AFM probes per pack Data sheet
PtSi-CONT-10 10 of all probes
PtSi-CONT-20 20 of all probes
PtSi-CONT-50 50
NANOSENSORS™ Platinum Silicide AFM Probes