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SuperSharpSilicon™ - SEIKO microscopes - Non-Contact / Tapping Mode - High Force Constant

For owners of a Seiko Instruments microscope using the non-contact mode we recommend the NANOSENSORS™ SEIH type (Seiko Instruments / high force constant). Compared with the ZEIH type the force constant is further reduced.

For enhanced resolution of nanostructures and microroughness we offer our Super SharpSilicon™ tip with unrivalled sharpness.

The probe offers unique features:

Cantilever data:

Property Nominal Value Specified Range
Resonance Frequency /kHz 130 96 - 175
Force Constant /(N/m) 15 5 - 37
Thickness /µm 5 4.0 - 6.0
Mean Width /µm 33 30 - 45
Length /µm 225 215 - 235

Order codes and shipping units:

Order Code Number of AFM probes per pack Data sheet Coating
SSS-SEIH-10 10 of all probes none
SSS-SEIH-20 20 of all probes none
SSS-SEIH-50 50 without none
SSS-SEIH-W >370 of up to 32 probes none

Product screencast NANOSENSORS SuperSharpSilicon

Product Screencast on the NANOSENSORS™ SuperSharpSilicon™ High Resolution AFM Probes held by product developer Dr. Oliver Krause.

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