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Latest News:

  • 25 Years Nanosensors
  • Watch the Akiyama Probe in motion

    Neuchâtel, October 4th, 2016

    A new video showing the self-sensing and self-actuating NANOSENSORS Akiyama AFM probe in motion has been uploaded to the NANOSENSORS youtube channel ...


  • High quality AFM tips for the use in ScanAsyst® mode: NANOSENSORS™ uniqprobe® BioT

    Neuchâtel, February 26st, 2016
    In this application image we used the small cantilever of the NANOSENSORS™ uniqprobe® BioT to scan in ScanAsyst® mode in air. We imaged crystallites with nanometer-sized edge features with a scan size of 1 µm and a speed of 2 µm/s. Even in a that large, micrometer size image of a surface with ...


  • uniqprobe AFM Probe series

    Neuchâtel, August 29th, 2014

    For applications in biology and life sciences, where soft cantilevers are needed, we developed a dedicated Product Series: the NANOSENSORS uniqprobe...


  • Ultrastiff AFM Probes for Atomic Resolution

    Neuchâtel, October 5th, 2015

    Dr. Oliver Krause, product developer at NANOSENSORS™ is talking in this screencast about AFM probes for dynamic AFM with sub-nanometer ...


  • The History of Nanosensors™

    Neuchâtel, June 12, 2014

    Check out the latest video about the history of NANOSENSORS Probes for Atomic Force Microscopy, presented by Dr. Oliver Krause



  • Rounded AFM Tips for Nanomechanics and Force Spectroscopy – Special Development List updated

    Neuchâtel, May 26th, 2015

    SD-R30 rounded AFM tip for nanomechanicsNANOSENSORS has added a new type of rounded AFM tips to the Special Development List. The new rounded AFM tips SD-R30 have a typical tip radius of 30 nm and are available in combination with three different cantilever types. (NCH – standard tapping mode cantilever, FM – force modulation mode cantilever and CONT – contact mode cantilever).


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