Metrology Standards

In close cooperation with national technical authorities for metrology in Europe, NANOSENSORS™ has developed a set of calibration standards for Spm applications. These standards allow the calibration of the X,Y and Z axis of an SPM machine. In addition certain system induced limitations of such apparatus can be revealed and compensated.

2D Pitch Standard TYPE: 2D200The German PTB (Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt), Great Britain NPL (National Physical Laboratory) and the Danish Institute of Fundamental Metrology (DFM) participated not only in the product definition phase. Their main task was the development of measurement technology for calibrating the standards. These institutions ensure the traceability not only to national standards. Through european (EUROMET) and international cooperations (Metre Convention) traceability to other worldwide metrology standards is achieved.

For NANOSENSORS™ standards calibration certificates of one of the above institutions are optionally available. 

The following standards are currently available:

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