The NANOSENSORS webpage offers a vast amount of information in various forms on NANOSENSORS and NANOSENSORS AFM tips.

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Product Brochures:

You can find all brochures and flyers for all NANOSENSORS SPM probes as PDF files for download at the Downloads page.

Product Spec Sheets:

Should you look for a spec sheet of a specific AFM probe you can find it easily by clicking on the respective ordercode on the following pages:

-    Products Catalogue for AFM Tips categorized by measuring mode or application
-    Products Overview listed by SPM probe series
-    Quick Selection Table listed by Force Constants and Resonance Frequencies
-    Products Line-up listed by order code and application category of the AFM probe


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R&D and Special Developments List:

Do you need very specific SPM probe that is not available in the standard scope of products? Then feel free to browse through the examples of special developments that we have made over the years to get an idea what is possible and feel free to contact us if there is something among them that interests you.


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