NANOSENSORS™ introduces next generation XY-Alignment AFM probe – easy tip exchange without laser repositioning

NANOSENSORS™ today introduced its new PointProbe® Plus XY-Alignment series. The invention of the Alignment Chip by NANOSENSORS™ more than 10 years ago marked a big step in the direction of AFM probe design for easy to use AFM systems. It offered the possibility of a fast and easy tip exchange without the necessity to reposition […]

NANOSENSORS™ launches new Silicon MFM Probe Series

NANOSENSORS™ has launched a new Silicon MFM Probe Series today. For visualisation of magnetic domains by scanning probe microscopy different magnetic force microscopy probes are necessary. NANOSENSORS™ Silicon MFM Probes are based on the well-known PointProbe® Plus AFM probe. The probes are optimized in view of high sensitivity and enable Tapping Mode, Non-contact and lift […]