NANOSENSORS™ announces the new PointProbe® Plus AFM Probe

Improved Consistency and Resolution through an advanced Tip Manufacturing Process

TEM image of the PointProbe® Plus tip apex
TEM image of the PointProbe® Plus tip apex

Neuchatel, August 1st, 2004 – NANOSENSORS™ today announced its new product series, the PointProbe® Plus.

The new PointProbe® Plus (PPP) AFM probe combines the well-known features of the proven PointProbe® Series such as high application versatility and compatibility with most commercial AFMs with a further reduced and more reproducible tip radius as well as a more defined tip shape. The typical tip radius of less than 7 nm and the minimized variation in tip shape provide more reproducible images and enhanced resolution.

For further information please refer to the PointProbe® Plus product flyer.

Change of address of our Korean and European Distributor

Please note the change of address of our Korean Distributor ESCO and our European Commercial Agent NanoAndMore.

NANOSENSORS™ Distributor Korea:

New Address effective from December 22nd 2003:

ESCO Corporation
35-1 Burim-Dong
Gwacheon City
Gyeongi Province, 427-803
South Korea

Phone: +82-2-3679-8244
Fax: +82-2-3679-8245
Contact person: Mr. S.J. Lee


NANOSENSORS™ Commercial Agent Europe:

New Address effective from January 1st 2004:

NanoAndMore GmbH
Heidenstock 4
35578 Wetzlar

Phone: +49-(0)6441-870-6272
Fax: +49-(0)6441-870-6274
Contact person: Mr. Peer Burshille